Portal Valentines Cards

Created by syntheticph

(via thegamestation)

Bringing these back for Valentines Day 2013!

I made these last year and thought I’d share them with all of you again in case you would like to use them. :)


Pues eso, felicidades, que sepas que aunque no me conecte nunca me acuerdo de ti, espero que te lo pases muy bien en tu cumpleaños porque eres genial y te lo mereces, ah, también espero que te puedas hartar de tarta u otra food *_____*

Te dejo una imagen en a mayor resolución, que dudo que se vea bien en Tumblr.

Portal Party

“Sometimes I’ll add a bitch here and there or a couple of yos. And yo is in my day-to-day vocabulary now. I just cannot get it out.” - Aaron Paul


If Laina was the one who said that, I wouldn’t want to run away. <3


please stop casually silently looking at my computer screen



what if you microwaved something for 30 YEARS

Then you could have some popcorn while watching sherlock season three

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